How to promote your image? Employ a commercial cleaning company

Solution Idoine keeps the image of several businesses polished with a commercial cleaning offer adapted to their clients’ specific needs.

We refresh commercial interiors cleaning filing cabinets, computers and telephones with a feather duster. When our team is finished, work spaces and common areas shine like new.

Our specialties: cleaning commercial carpets and windows

Cleaning carpets

We arrive at your business with a well equipped truck and when it comes to cleaning carpets, our state-of-the-art equipment provides impeccable results. Our truck is unmistakeable. It sports the André Vachon steam cleaning colours.

Cleaning carpets
Commercial window washing inside and out

Commercial window washing inside and out

When it comes to cleaning commercial windows, we look to the end product. Solution Idoine prioritizes droplet-free cleaning for clean panes on the first try. The carbon filter apparatus used to clean windows eliminates all traces of chlorine and purifies the water. So long droplets!

We also use ladders to clean commercial windows by hand. Wipes, microfiber cloths and squeegees ensure an efficient job well done.

Commercial cleaning packed with small, thoughtful details

Steam cleaning for ceramic tiles

Steam cleaning is ideal for ceramic floor tiles. It disinfects and removes dirt in the flooring seams.

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Cleaning the entrance carpet

We bring out the shine on entrance carpets for businesses and in commercial buildings and use the same method for cleaning upholstered office couches and chairs.

Steam cleaning the exterior of buildings

The exteriors of buildings also need care. Using a pressure washer and various brushes, Solution Idoine cleans brick, stone and vinyl exteriors among others. We rise to the challenge. We have all the equipment necessary for cleaning high-rise buildings.

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Pre construction

Pre-construction and pre-renovation

Solution Idoine works jointly with real estate developers to polish up the interiors of recently built or renovated properties. We offer a turnkey service: washing windows and removing dust from walls for new construction and cleaning cupboards and dishes for renovations… we take care of everything.

Residential cleaning for an immaculate house

Solution Idoine takes enviable care of the interior of many homes in the greater Valleyfield and Vaudreuil-Soulanges regions. After a visit from our expert team of residential cleaners, furniture, lights and floors come out spotless. Everything is possible… from entire bathrooms to window frames, entrance rooms to changing the bedding. It’s just like a spring cleaning, every time. In need of a deep residential clean? We offer a comprehensive cleaning service, with some added jobs thrown in. Our teams wash and move everything when doing a spring cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning

Does your stair carpet need a clean? Does your living room wall to wall need a facelift? We come to your home with a well-equipped truck to refresh the fibres in your carpeting. Solution Idoine will also clean carpets after flooding. You'll recognize our trucks by their André Vachon nettoyage à la vapeur.

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Steam clean ceramic flooring

Has the ceramic tiling in your bathroom lost its shine? Our cleaning method disinfects and dislodges visible dirt in the floor tiling and in the wall tiles around the bathtub. The result speaks for itself.

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Couch and mattress cleaning

There is nothing better than a clean couch and mattress. Your furniture will look as good as new after a maintenance cleaning.

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Pressure washing for house exteriors

A clean exterior is much more inviting. Using a pressure washer and a variety of brushes, Solution Idoine cleans brick, stone and vinyl exteriors among others. Cleaning the exterior of a house includes cleaning out the gutters.

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Pressure washing for windows

Solution Idoine prefers a drip-free pressure washing system to clean windows. We use a carbon apparatus for clean water. No more water droplets. Washing windows by hand is also possible.

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Cleaning entrances and hallways for apartment buildings

Common areas for apartment buildings require cleaning on an almost daily basis. We can come and clean the entrance and hallways that see so many little feet in a single day.

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Pre-construction and pre-renovation

Are you a new owner? Are your kitchen renovations complete? Solution Idoine will come by with feather dusters and cloths to remove all the dust caused by construction work.

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Moving into a new home? The house is sold? We'll add a personal touch to a departure or a new beginning. With clean floors, cupboards, vestibule... the new owners will be ready to move in.

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Cleaning gutters

Cleaning gutters can be quite inconvenient. Solution Idoine will see to removing dead leaves and any other debris that gets caught in the gutters of residential homes.